I can imagine that your older daughter wants alone time with her friend, which is to be expected. Likely she gets lots of playtime with her little sister so she will enjoy playing with her friend on her own. The sisters are at different developmental stages and will likely want to play differently and expecting them to play together when a friend is over may not be realistic. And, as most parents come to understand, three is often a crowd with someone usually feeling left out.

When your daughter has a play date with her friend, why don’t you take this as an opportunity to have one on one playtime with your younger daughter? You and she could have that very precious time together without her having to share you with her sister. Baking, building a fort with all the pillows in the living room or saving a special craft activity for just the two of you might make her feel special and further strengthen her relationship with you. As she grows up and has her own friends over, you could take turns having special one-on-one times with the daughter who is on her own. Your girls will come to look forward to these times with you and not see themselves as being left out of their sibling’s friendships. 

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